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Minimum Time, Maximum Effort – Get The Most Out Of Your Home Workout

Particularly at this time during Lockdown, it is super easy to take your foot off the gas when work is expecting a lot from you, the kids are constantly wanting your attention and time seems to fly..!


So here’s 5 simple steps of how you can maximise your training for fat loss regardless of how little time you’ve got!


Step 1: Remember Your Goal


I know this sounds cheesy, but there must be a reason why you’d like to stay active. So ensuring that you have a clear goal, means that your efforts can be completely directed towards achieving that one clear goal. If your goal is fat loss, 2-4 resistance training workouts per week is a great way to start!


Step 2: Warmup Outside


Walk, jog, cycle, play with the kids outside briefly to get some fresh air, disrupt the pattern and change the environment to get yourself ready to work out. Raise your heart rate and get your muscles warm, which then means you are ready to do some dynamic stretches and get cracking!


Step 3: Put Together a Good Warm Up


What have you been doing all day? What feels tight? What muscles are you going to be using in the workout?

Full body warmups using the RAMP principle is what we use.

Raise your pulse – do some warm up drills for timed intervals if you’ve not been outside

Activate the muscles and movements that you are going to be using in the workout

Mobilise work into a full range of range of motion at the joints you will be using

Potentiate/Prime get the muscles that you’ll be using fired up and ready to go, heart rate should be pumping by now too!


Step 4: Move with Intent and Priority


Think about how long you have? Separate your time into blocks and assign each block to your priorities in your workout.

If you only have a short time frame be smart and clear that your time to ensure the intensity stays high and that it’s focused and intentional work. That’s not to say that you have to go hard every session, have recovery and stretch sessions too but focus and move with intent.


Step 5: The Session


Now you’re probably thinking – what should my session look like?

When time is of the essence, you need to plan ahead and train with focus. You can still get a lot done in 30 mins!

Put your headphones on, aeroplane mode on your phone and go for it.

Here’s an idea of a session you could do in 30 mins:


Dumbbell or Heavy Object Deadlift – 30 secs work/ 10 secs rest

Dumbbell or Heavy Object Squat – 30 secs work/ 10 secs rest

Dumbbell or Heavy Object Overhead Press – 30 secs work/ 10 secs rest

Dumbbell or Heavy Object Bent Over Row – 30 secs work/ 10 secs rest

Crunches – 30 secs work/ 60-90 secs rest then REPEAT


Feel like you’re not making the most of your training and nutrition? I have 2 more spaces on my online training programme. So drop me a message here and I will look forward to helping you move and train with intent around your lifestyle.

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