Emma - Case study


1 year previously I had started cycling 2.5 miles each way to the train station to try and improve my fitness.  I then started cycling further at weekends and started doing some cycling events.  As I struggled half way up a hill at one of these events I knew I needed to improve my fitness and preferably lose weight as all my clothes were starting to be far too tight and as someone who was already wearing a size 24 this was not ideal.

I had been thinking for a while what I could do to improve my health and fitness.  I knew I would need help with that.  A friend had been suggesting I try looking for a personal trainer.  So I had been googling around and saw Charlotte’s Transformation Programme on Facebook.  I knew as soon as I spoke with Charlotte - it was something I should try.

Before the programme, I knew I needed to change something and I felt ready for change. I am not much bothered by what other people think of me, however there is only so much taunts being called out by passing cars when you are cycling as a larger person that you can take.  Also I did not want to have to buy a size 26 trouser and all my bras were painful as they were too tight and things were starting to hurt for no reason.  Back, hips, shoulders etc.   

My initial goal when I started in the summer was to get fit enough to be able to do a 45 mile charity cycle in October and any weight loss would be a bonus. I also wanted my clothes to just be comfortable again. 

Right now, I am proud of myself as I am fitter than I have been since the 90's.  I look in the mirror and see someone who can achieve goals if I set my mind to it and have the support of my friends, family and my coach.

My most proud moment initially was when I completed a 65 mile charity bike ride a whole month before the original one I was aiming for.  I am still proud of that however now, I am proud of the fact I can go into Next or M&S and pick nearly anything in a size 18 or sometimes a 16 and it fits and I don't have to order online to get some decent clothes.  However I still get a buzz when I can suddenly do an exercise I couldn't when I started, such as a Burpee or the Plank hold.

Charlotte is a tremendous coach - her enthusiasm and the joy she gets from you achieving goals is great.  Charlotte pushes you but at the same time constantly encourages you to chip away at small goals as well as the larger goals.

I have had the opportunity to see a couple of other trainers at work and all I can say is I am lucky that I picked Charlotte's programme that day.  Charlotte is invested in the success of your goals maybe even more than you yourself.  For me I find inspiration in that and it pushes me to be better with my nutrition and to push myself with my fitness.

Life looks bright today.  I am doing more sport and enjoying it.  I have met some wonderful ladies on the 12 week programme and we support and push each other to be better.  I have more fitness and weight loss goals and I feel like I can now achieve them.  This was not something I thought I could do when I started.