Amanda - Case study


Before joining the 12 Week Transformation Programme I had many years of being in what I like to call the 'fitness prevention programme'. I have a job that absorbs at least 70 hours per week, lots of business travel, a raft of family responsibilities & a thousand excuses.

I believed I deserved that treat, that takeaway, then it dawned on me that what I really deserved was to be happy with myself.

So I clicked that button and registered my details with Charlotte.

At that time I wanted to be and look different (thinner mainly!) but frankly would still have opted for an easy way to achieve it if that were possible. I simply didn't know what I was capable of.

My main focus started off being weight loss, but Charlotte’s consistent support and focus on consistency and effort quickly helped me see results I never imagined would matter to me; reduced body fat percentage, lower BMI, strength, muscle tone and yes, of course, fantastic weight loss.

This is not a fad, this is not a gimmick but this IS an incredibly effective opportunity to make significant change over a short period as part of a longer term change in habits.

Charlotte is not just the perfect PT coach for me - she is perfect for anyone who values an honest, knowledgeable, empathetic, emotionally intelligent and fun supporter who will offer what you didn't know you needed from a coach - total commitment.

I thought it was about losing weight, but now I recognise the huge shift in my self perception, my confidence, my determination and general health and fitness.

I'm super proud of my achievements and still a little surprised if I'm honest. I was short changing myself before. Never again....

Thanks Charlotte!