Hayley - Case study

I can't recommend Charlotte enough! Her style is spot on for consistent and sustainable results.

The physical results I'm getting are amazing and I'm only six weeks into a 12 week focused programme. I've already lost 19 cm in total (arms, legs, hips and waist), 5kg (11lbs) lost body fat % and increased my muscle tone. 

It's not just about diet and training but an improved sense of self and confidence. I'm getting my "me" back and loving it, my energy levels are higher and I'm getting out and doing more of the stuff I want to do and building my self worth and confidence at the same time. 

Having trained with previous trainers and gyms, I can say THIS right here is not only what gets results, but keeps them. I'd previously got to a size 8 with other programmes but piled it back on as I wasn't educated right or achieved results in the right way. But I am now and know how to keep the results coming. Even better I'm having fun on the way and making friends. 

Charlotte works with you and values technique to the highest level. She's here for you through good and the bad of your journey. 

Her passion, drive, commitment and accountability cannot be faulted, there's a buzz and a community. Thanks Charlotte and keep being amazing!