Helen - Case study

Before I started with Hunt Fitness I was obese and the doctor had told me that as well as having to take medication for high blood pressure, I was destined to become diabetic very soon if I didn’t lose weight. I’d been doing a couple of aerobic activities each week for over a year but had lost zero pounds doing them. I was pretty depressed about the state I looked. 

An ad for Hunt Fitness popped up on Facebook. It had the word Transformation in it and I thought that was what I wanted – to transform myself. After my first meeting with Charlotte it was clear that she was extremely knowledgeable not just about fitness through exercise and nutrition but also about the mental side of it, too. 

I really enjoy exercising in a group of women with Hunt Fitness, especially in the new gym. There’s always a cheerful, positive atmosphere. Also, there’s so much support in different forms – videos, forums, FB posts etc. It all helps keep me on track and gives me things to think about.

So far I am just most proud of losing almost two stone and getting out of the obese category. I am now determined to sustain that.

To someone that’s on the fence about contacting Hunt Fitness, I would say that, aside from getting splinters, your bum will just get bigger if you don’t jump off that fence and in with both feet. There’s nothing to lose but excess fat.

The major goal that I’m working towards right now is completing the 106km walking challenge over two days on the Isle of Wight in May. After that, I really want to continue building up strength and sustaining my weight loss.