Jenn - Case study


I find myself overwhelmed with so many emotions as this has been an incredible life experience that I don’t think any personal trainer could deliver. Charlotte is not just a trainer, but a true friend.

When looking for a personal trainer to walk the journey of health, wellbeing, strength and weight loss you want someone who will not just be with you for the “hour in the gym” but the 23 hours outside of the gym.  Charlotte is that person. 

She truly cares about what you are doing on your journey.  She is there to walk this path with you and hold your hand when times are hard and to hug you when you reach a mile stone.  There are few people out there with such a light of positive energy and ability to assist someone gain self-awareness and self-confidence.

My journey started out as a simple “I wanna lose weight and have my thighs stop touching!” but as we started off Charlotte asked me “how committed are you to this program?” 

I walked away thinking, okay...Am I ready to make this commitment to myself? 

The answer was YES, I was ready but I didn’t know that on this program and learning to care for myself physically  that would make me stop and reflect on how to also care for myself emotionally too.

Charlotte helped me gain the self-confidence to ask the hard questions about not only my fitness and what I was doing to care for my body, but she also asked the questions of what was I doing to care for my inner soul and mind.  Fitness is the whole package, mind, body and soul.

On my journey I got to ask myself the question “Why am I doing this” especially on the days when there were burpees, it is the “why” that keeps you on the journey to health and wellbeing, Charlotte taught me that. 

I had to reflect on this as it isn’t a quick or easy answer.

My “Why” was to be energetic for my daughter, to be healthy and not tired all the time, fight depression, to reverse the ageing process, to gain strength and change my shape. 

 The most important “WHY” is to take care of ME because no one else will if I don’t.  

 I am in control of my own health and happiness and if I don’t invest in myself, no one else will.

Charlotte Hunt is an amazing young woman who challenges herself and truly knows that life is about balance, hard work, dedication, and self-belief.

She will take you to the next level and walk beside you at your own pace and give you the nudge you need to become a true Wonder Woman.