Joanna - Case study

I cannot recommend Charlotte enough! I am over half way through my first 12 weeks and can’t believe how different I feel. Before starting with Charlotte I hadn’t exercised for over 2 years and made every excuse possible not to. I have a very busy work life and had let that take over everything. There wasn’t a day when I didn’t feel tired and unmotivated outside of work. From the first week of starting with Charlotte I saw a change in myself, I started to put me first thinking about what I would eat planning and prepping and making my diary fit around the sessions (the bit I thought would be the hardest). 

Charlotte’s enthusiasm and commitment is what has kept me on track and motivated and now I can’t imagine going back to my routine before. I feel stronger, have more confidence and no longer feel tired. I have just signed up for another 12 weeks with Charlotte and can’t wait to continue on my fitness journey! Thank you so much!