Julian - Case study


I've had problems with my weight and fitness for years, I'd dieted sometimes with good results but then put the weight back on. I tried going to the gym and running but never really saw results and never managed to stick with anything. I often felt awkward if I went to a gym as I didn't really understand what I was trying to do or what most of the equipment was for.

As the big 50 started to creep up on me I faced a decision, stay overweight and unhealthy and just buy bigger clothes, or do something about it once and for all.

Thankfully due to an email from Charlotte I chose the latter option.

I had been dieting for a few weeks and was starting to lose weight, but would I be able to keep it off this time?

I then saw an email from Charlotte, I'd never spoken with a personal trainer before, but tentatively responded and met with Charlotte.

That initial meeting without exaggeration has led to a massive change in my life. I was instantly impressed with Charlotte's drive, expertise and enthusiasm and she designed a programme specifically for me.

The results are beyond my wildest dreams, from eating healthily and training with Charlotte 2-3 times per week, I am stronger and fitter and feel healthier than I have for 20 years. I am having to buy new clothes but smaller sizes!

Through the Hunt Fitness programme I've lost 3 stone in weight, body fat % down from 29% to 20%, 5 inches reduction in my waist line and am building muscle, exactly what I wanted. This is all in just 3 months. This is life changing!

With Charlotte you will have someone who knows how to deliver these type of amazing results, all you have to do is commit!

So stop wishing and hoping it would happen ....MAKE IT HAPPEN and contact Hunt Fitness.