Sara - Case study


With the big 5-0 approaching, I was feeling sluggish and my diet was all over the place. Even my ‘big’ clothes were starting to pinch. I’d also reached that magical age in a woman’s life when hormonal changes were affecting my mood, energy levels and self-confidence. I felt I had taken my health for granted, and with an age milestone coming up, I wanted to re-address the balance.

I had been able to lose weight in the past – through Weight Watchers, Slimming World and a meal replacement programme – but struggled to maintain the loss, and my weight had yo-yo’d up and down. I had a relatively active lifestyle, walking the family dog each day and attending aerobic-based exercise classes but I felt stuck in a rut. I was looking for a different approach, one that was sustainable and would fit into my lifestyle.  

So I took the plunge and tentatively booked a session with Charlotte.

We talked about where I currently was in terms of lifestyle – how I felt, my exercise levels and diet – and where I wanted to be. We discussed potential obstacles to positive progress, and highlighted that while juggling work and family (two hungry teenage boys) lack of time was a particular issue. I felt reassured that, with her help I could set achievable and sustainable goals – to reach and maintain a healthy BMI, drop a dress size or two, get my eating habits back in check, improve my fitness levels and generally feel better about myself.

I joined Charlotte’s 12-week transformation programme, which focuses on three areas – training, nutrition and mindset. I committed to group training sessions three times a week. From the get-go, I’ve really enjoyed the sessions, which are tailored to each individual’s fitness and strength levels, with different options/weights. The camaraderie and support in the group means that an hour flies by and there is always laughter and fun.

The sessions are really varied – run in a circuit-style – I never know what delights await. Charlotte has always been encouraging, uplifting and overflowing with positivity – even on those days when I’ve had to drag myself out of bed at 5.45am for an early morning session, her energy is so infectious I can’t help but leave the gym on a high and buzzing.

My progression is measurable – I can now do a full press up, can do lower squats, and am lifting heavier weights. I even don’t hate burpees anymore!

Approaching the menopause, it’s extra-important that I do weight training as well as cardio, to strengthen muscle and increase bone density. Charlotte has pushed me to the next level and helped me to understand that progress isn’t all about those pesky numbers on the scales – it’s about inch loss, fat % reduction, lifting heavier, doing more reps.

Added to this, I’ve also started running with some other members of the Hunt Fitness family. I’ve progressed from walk/running a 5k ParkRun to running almost 8k and have even signed up for a half-marathon in November – something I would never have considered.

Charlotte has supported me 100% with my nutrition.  She is my inner conscience, with daily texts and messages to keep me on track with my meal and snack choices. She is on hand 24/7 to offer advice (e.g. how to approach a meal out).

My weight loss has been slow and steady, which has worked for me, factoring in socializing and holidays. Charlotte advocates an approach that is sustainable and allows for alcohol, chocolate (or whatever your guilty pleasure) – it’s all about balancing these occasional treats.

She has made me realize that there is no ‘quick fix’ – it’s consistency and attitude change that counts. It’s not about denial, but choice. I now track my nutrition daily and am accountable for the choices I make, and am extremely pleased with my results.

And possibly most importantly, Charlotte has helped me with my ‘I can’t do this’ mindset. I always knew what I should be doing, but life seemed to get in the way. I still battle those irritating inner demons – ‘go on, have a glass of wine, you deserve it… it won’t hurt if you have that chocolate, you’ve had a hard day’…  but I am more mindful of what’s behind these thoughts, thanks to Charlotte’s support. If I’ve had a slip, I don’t beat myself up. I draw a line under it and move on.

A few months on and I have lost weight, inches, and a dress size (nearly 2). People are complimenting me on how I look. I feel fitter and stronger than I have done in the last 10 years – both physically and mentally. I’m ready to take on my 50s!

I have met some truly amazing and inspirational friends within the Hunt Fitness Family and look forward to continued progress. I couldn’t have done it without Charlotte.