Laura - Case study


Before I met Charlotte I was attempting many faddy diets to lose weight and get rid of my flubber - I would go to the gym but lose motivation as I was not getting the results I wanted. I was on a spiral weight loss journey where I never actually achieved anything.

I then entered the world of having a personal trainer as I thought this would help me stay on track. I had 3 previous personal trainers (1 female, 2 male) and still after 4yrs my body was not shrinking and was not confident about my body at all.

Honestly I had tried everything (Cambridge, slim fast, slimming world, skinny coffee, the body coach, the attempts were endless) My partner had me crying constantly about the same thing time and time again, I even attempted to train with him (love him but never again lol).

I then saw an advert on Facebook about a personal trainer (Charlotte- Hunt Fitness) I thought as I was new to the area and my wedding fast approaching (September) I would see what she had to offer.

To be honest I was still feeling disheartened at this point based on my previous experience BUT in that 30min or so chat with her my life/ lifestyle has completely changed.

I signed up for her 12 week transformation program and have never looked back.

I have been training with Charlotte for 4months now and to be honest I have loved every minute of it. I have learnt so much about nutrition, fitness and my body. Each session is different and such a giggle finally working out is fun and rewarding. I’m shocked just how much my body has changed in such a small amount of time.     

Charlotte is so passionate about her job and her clients, she truly wants the best for you and helps push you in the right direction. For me Charlotte has helped me discover where I was going wrong, how I can be better and most importantly how I can love myself. Not only is Charlotte extremely professional she has lived through it all as well so can relate to me/us/you when it comes to struggles, which to be honest is a motivation all by itself.

Charlotte is so knowledgeable, she shares this with her clients to make changes permanently and not just a “for now change”. Charlotte is always on hand to assist on any questions (I have had many). Charlotte has created a fitness program that not only educates you but is adaptable to your busy lifestyle so no excuses.

For me I could not recommend Charlotte enough and to be honest I wish I had met her sooner as she has completely transformed my life and my way of thinking and I couldn’t have achieved what I have so far without her.

I am super excited to see where the rest of my fitness journey takes me before and after the wedding with Charlotte by my side.