Steve - Case study


So, time for an update on my voyage (sounds more glamorous and less management speak than journey). I have been seeing Charlotte for around 14 months now. My initial motivation was quite simple - to live a longer and healthier life so i can be around and active for as long as possible for my young family. As background I am fast approaching 50 and have had my children a little later in life. I also lost my father quite young and this has been a big influence on me. I am not one for stats, but for those that are: I am lighter, fitter and stronger than i have been since my early thirties. I love exercising again having spent 15 years in the fitness doldrums. I run, cycle or walk nearly every day now. Sometimes not for long, but i rarely miss a day.

This is key i believe and something that Charlotte has helped reinforce.

I am not a 'Gym Guy', however when i look in the mirror whilst lifting a new PB I see a 'Gym Guy' with a Gym Guys body. This still literally takes me by surprise.

I am naturally competitive and Charlotte understands what motivates me and uses this to help with the results. Don't worry if you aren't though, Charlotte understands that the brain is the most important muscle we have and is expert at keeping things fresh and fun. I used to hate pull ups, sit ups, skipping, boxing and burpees. Now i look forward to a HIIT that may include all of these!

Like many people i have a demanding and sometimes stressful job and a packed family and social life. Getting fit has helped with all of these and I honestly feel that i wouldn't be able to fit it all i didn't make the time to exercise regularly.

I see my time with Charlotte as a true partnership. Charlotte really does care about me and is the hub at the centre of a supportive community of people, all of whom want to improve our lives whatever the motivation.