Hunt Fitness Trips Abroad

Set amongst Europe’s beautiful beaches, Hunt Fitness is proud to present a fabulously healthy blend of vigorous exercise, restorative and mindfulness time, coaching and development sessions, deliciously prepared local nutritious food and plenty of attention and encouragement.

We provide an extraordinary week where you can choose to do as little or as much as you want – we encourage you to improve your overall fitness but also to have a good time and learn more about the healthy balance of life.

The ethos of ‘Hunt Fitness Abroad’ is to provide a wonderful setting where you can relax, experience new things, develop and grow whilst being provided with fresh tasting food and structured exercise available to you everyday – which is flexible depending on your needs.  

Included in your stay:

- 5 days of Hunt Fitness Abroad, Menorca

- A fresh & diverse menu; lunch + dinner

- 2 hosts; Fitness Specialist + Yoga Specialist

- Transportation throughout the retreat

- Flights

- Guided hikes, guided meditation, yoga & dance in addition to Hunt Fitness high intensity training.

- Running workshop

- Optional Watersports Lesson


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