My Most Frequently Asked Questions!

How Often Do You Workout?

I train 6 times each week at the moment. (This is usually 4 runs of varied intensity ready for the marathon and 2 workouts.) My rest day is usually a Saturday. I love the variety in my training as it keeps me focused and motivated, the strength and endurance training compliments each other and makes me fitter, stronger and more efficient. Life is often very busy, but I prioritise workouts and getting active because I know how important my physical and mental health is. I need to move for both my body and mind to feel good, less stressed and healthy. Try not to think about the amount of time initially, some of my workouts are 30 minutes long – I listen to my body, how it feels, whether it’s recovered and tailor my workouts around that or what my schedule allows due to time availability!  

What’s the best way to lose belly fat?

Now this is a question that I get asked a lot! I’m sure that lots of people would love for me to say that there is a flat tummy secret or quick and easy solution, but unfortunately that’s not true. When it comes to reducing body fat there are lots of things to consider; how much exercise you’re doing, your diet, how much sleep you’re getting and the quality of it, stress in your life, all play a part. It’s important to focus on all aspects of health, sustainability around your busy life and not to focus solely on weight loss.

One thing that I do know is that ‘flat tummy’ tea’s or meal replacement drinks are never a good idea! They are not a healthy sustainable way to lose body fat and they can be very dangerous.  The best way to reduce your body fat in a healthy way is to get active throughout your day! Walking at lunchtime, walking meetings, running, resistance training sessions, yoga, weight lifting and jogging are all great ways to burn calories and strengthen your core muscles. When it comes to diet, make sure that you’re eating simple ingredient foods from a variety of food groups, reduce the amount of processed sugars and packaged foods, think about the nutritious value of your meals and how big your portion sizes are. 

Which trainers are best for running?

I have been running in Asics for all of my marathon training! For me, they are by far the best running shoe for running. They are very supportive, especially for my narrow feet and have plenty of cushion from impact. If you need advice on running shoes, go to a running specialist store like Run & Become or The Running Works. They offer free consultations with footwear specialist and you get to actually run in the trainers before you buy, which is awesome!

How do you stay motivated? 

Well, I always say that motivation comes and goes, some days I am motivated, some days I just want to stay sat on the sofa in the warm! The most important thing is staying disciplined, having a routine and planning my week of workouts and getting active around my weekly schedule on a Sunday night REALLY helps. 

Training towards a goal is a great way to get motivated, so I sign up to races throughout the year, set myself challenges of weights I’d like to lift or bodyweight movements I’d like to master. If you need help to keep you motivated send me a DM or check out what we offer; @huntfitnessuk 

Do you lift weights?

Personally, I love to – strength training is awesome for getting results, building stability and is a great workout if you’re time poor like me! When you can lift weights you couldn’t before – you feel SO strong, it’s an awesome feeling. With my clients we work on functional movements, technique when moving and lifting and building effective strength training programmes to get results. It’s not scary once you know what you’re doing – so let us help! 


What’s your current fitness goal?

Completing the London Marathon and aiming for 3 hours 30 mins but we’ll see! I’d like to continue getting stronger and getting more in tune with the fuel/nutrition my body needs to perform at its best. LEARN ALL THE TIME I say! 


What’s the best way to avoid injuries?

SLEEP!! Plus, it’s important to wear supportive shoes if you’re running a lot of miles. If you’re returning to exercise or new to exercise improving your mobility and strengthening your core muscles will always help you to move better and this will help prevent injury too. Also try not to under-estimate the importance of rest and sleep!


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My 6 Training Tips for Improving Your Running

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Over the last few months I’ve been grafting; training consistently for the London Marathon- building those miles, training speed and improving strength. 

 I’ve developed and rekindled my love for running from my childhood when I ran nationally. I love pushing myself to the max, getting outside amongst nature, plodding along and just being present being me and the feeling after you’ve done a run when everyone else has been sleeping or sitting on the sofa!! You know the feeling I’m sure! 


Last week I received a message on Facebook from a runner - who has only just recently started running and is working towards a goal of running her first ever 10k later this year - which is AWESOME by the way!

 I get a lot of questions about running, recovery and injuries so I thought I’d share my top tips in this blog! 

1. ALWAYS do a WARM UP!!! Even if it’s just for 3-4 minutes. When I’m up early I am more often than not, tempted to just put on my leggings, lace up my trainers and get out on the road - but that is not good for your body and will encourage injury!! It’s super important to stretch out the muscles, mobilise joints and increase that heart rate. I tend to focus on my tighter areas - hamstrings (back of my legs), glutes (bum), quads (front of legs), calves (lower leg), hips and then do some lunges, side steps and strides! 

2. Do CORE STRENGTH EXERCISES! Running is great for your cardiovascular health but if you have a weak core or poor posture - running may cause you pain in your lower back or hips. Improving your core strength will help you to run faster as you’ll become more efficient, so if you’re hoping to run that Park Run PB - then you definitely need to work on strengthening your abs. I do Plank Holds (build up time and repeat 3 times), Crunches, Leg Raises and Side Plank holds. 

3. Have a TRAINING PLAN and stick to it. I can’t tell you how much of difference I felt when I started training with a plan - it holds you accountable and helps you progress! The golden rule is that you should increase your minutes (or your miles) by roughly 10% each week. For me 4-5 runs per week is optimum, anymore than that - I struggle to recover and get the most out of each run / training session. Your training plan should include rest days, strength days and some recovery sessions too.

4. STRETCH !! Stretching is super important for preventing injury and traditionally runners are bad at doing it - I know I am! You don’t need to be super flexible, but ensuring you have good mobility and movement will be a game changer for your running and recovery too! I recommend doing at least 5-10 minutes of stretching after every run including foam rolling too!!

5. Get a MASSAGE! Now I’m talking about the ones that use the elbows and find those OUCH points! I have a regular sports massage with a physiotherapist whilst training for the marathon. I know it can be expensive to get regular physiotherapy treatment, but if you can afford it, you won’t regret it - maybe even get an appointment to discuss self-massage techniques and Myofascial release. It’s much better to start early to prevent injury, rather than having to go because you are injured. 

6. Get enough SLEEP. Running is tough! You get tired! Your body is awesome at recovering itself but sleep can be a game changer. Try to go to bed one hour earlier if you can and make a few changes to get the best night’s sleep you possibly can.


Please share this with anyone you think this could help on their running journey. If you have any specific questions please shoot me a message I’d love to hear from you.  

...and if you have some free time in March I am SUPER excited to say that I am teaming up with Cottesloe Physio to deliver a fantastic Runners Workshop - focusing on Strength and Conditioning, Mobility and Myofascial Release! 

Interested ? Book here

An Easy Guide to a Healthier and Happier You

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It’s 2019 - CRAZY !!

Now that the festive season is over, many people set themselves New Years resolutions - most with a strong focus on health and fitness.

Weight loss, dry January, eating healthily, going Vegan, training every weekday, running - many people give themselves BIG challenging goals to achieve and stack them up !! They commit 100% until they just can’t do it anymore. Sound familiar?

I am more about the SUSTAINABILITY and lifestyle change - where I recommend setting goals but with a clear plan including smaller milestones along the way.

Small habit changes daily are more manageable and accumulatively amount to huge progress over time - all of which is sustainable!

So I have created a few health and lifestyle changes that you can start to adopt this January to help you create sustainable change that is realistic and achievable.

Mix Up Your Diet

In 2018 everyone was talking about gut health - pre-biotics, probiotics and digestive health.

So much information came out and so many products became more widely available in supermarkets and shops. The one change which everyone consistently recommended though was diversifying your diet.

So how can you do this? Consume a wider range of plant based foods. They have been proved to increase the diversity of your gut micro biome and support long term gut heath. So you could aim to try one new plant based food a week.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is SO important but is generally overlooked because our lives are so busy. Lack of sleep impacts not only our short term health and performance but our long term wellbeing.

To get immediate benefits - aim to get more sleep ! So I recommend aiming to add one hour to your daily sleep quantity. This can be done by getting to bed an hour earlier in the evening – something which is easier than you think once you start being regimented with disconnecting yourself from technology - super important (I need to do this MORE!)

Establish a Fitness Routine

This is one of the most common new years resolutions come January, but many people find it super tough!!

What is a fitness routine? How long should I work out? Should I be using weights? Do I need a gym membership? How do I progress over time?

There’s SO much to know and it can be confusing!!

At the Hunt Fitness Studio we help you establish an exercise routine, we educate you on progressive training, correct technique and how to have fun whilst exercising. We have an amazing community of men and women who are all on the same journey as you and will keep you accountable ! Check us out here:

Take Time for You

Mindfulness was MASSIVE in 2018 and the benefits are huge not only for mental health but also physical wellbeing. Our lives are increasingly stressful therefore the value of taking a moment to connect with ourselves is SO important.

I recommend downloading the Calm app or Headspace and taking part in their free introductory courses. These include 7-10 minute daily meditations which teach you the basics and get you in a mindfulness routine. After the introductory course you can use the timed meditation tool to take yourself through daily practice. Release expectations of having to meditate for 20 minutes. I try aim for 3-5 minutes a day as this takes the pressure off and is realistic for me but see what works for you.

Drink Water

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times - drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day!

We are made up of predominantly water and we need to be optimally hydrated to function adequately.

The easiest way I have found to increase my water intake is to carry a large reusable water bottle with me everywhere.

Aim for one which is 750ml or more in size, then you know you only need to drink it 2-3 times to reach your minimum daily water intake and always hydrate before you drink caffeine ! I definitely need to improve this one in this cold weather !!

So there you have it ! Hope these easy steps can help you to be healthier and happier this January.

Remember to set realistic and small steps that are easy to adopt to achieve sustainability.

Any questions and comments please get in touch - I’d love to hear from you!


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How to beat the festive binge!

I’m sorry for the delay in blogging over the last few months, it’s been super exciting for Hunt Fitness as recently we launched our first ever Hunt Fitness Studio!!! 

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But now we’re back - I want to help YOU this festive period, to beat that binge!!! 

The average Brit puts on 7lbs of Fat over the festive period and consumes around 6000 calories on Christmas Day! Don’t let that be us!

Christmas can be super challenging to stay focused on your health and fitness goals regardless of what they are, but DON’T GIVE UP! 

 If you’re working towards weight loss then aim to at least maintain weight. Or if you are training for an event then still get out and do something. Something is better than nothing.  Don’t give up hope. It’s still in your control.  It IS possible to have fun as and still stay on track with your goal.


So HOW can we stay motivated to keep ticking over this festive period?  

         •       Spend time OUTDOORS. This will keep you active and expending those calories. So grab the dog, the kids and get outdoors; to the local woods, on a bike ride, to the local park. Be active and enjoy the fresh air. It’s SO much better than being cooped up inside watching a film.

         •       Invest in your health. Buy presents for each other or the family that will keep them active. A Wii console, Fitbit, football goal, bike, new pair of boots, a kite etc. Anything that will encourage your kids, family or friends to get out and be active.

         •       Use your legs - if you’re off, why not enjoy the time and environment around you and walk to the shops, to the pub, to see your friends /family instead of driving. If you have the time, kill two birds with one stone. If it’s raining - walk to the bus stop or invest in an umbrella.

         •       Early Bird Catches the Worm. Got to fit in your training at the gym or a training run? Get it out of the way early. Get up before you get distracted by other people or jobs/chores. Don’t make excuses, do it and plan it into your week/ social diary. Even better take a friend or a dog along with you to make you more accountable in achieving it.

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Food is probably the hardest thing to resist over the festive period with all the BEST foods flying around and others around you going in hard! 

If you give up all intent in being good then you will ultimately binge and do more damage becoming demotivated before you even start in the New Year. So my tips...

         •       Keep your meals regular and try to continue your normal eating routine. Everyone is allowed to have a treat and enjoy themselves however it’s not a free pass for 7 days to over eat. Would you normally eat chocolate all day or instead of breakfast or lunch? No.

         •       Try not to over indulge. Wait 10 mins before grabbing seconds. This will give you time to recognise if you are actually hungry or just being greedy. Or if you are hungry have a glass of water. You may realise you’re just thirsty and stop you reaching for a snack.

         •       Prepare. Plan your meals for the week as you normally would. Make sure you aren’t consumed by left overs and having bought too much leaving you obliged to eat it before it goes off. Supermarkets are open all over Christmas now so there is no need to stock up - it will all still be there! But also utilise the leftovers too by creating meals in Tupperware for later in the week. 

         •       Cook, Bake & Educate. Christmas is normally when you have free time so maybe pick up a new cook book or new gadget for the kitchen - use that time to cook something new, a new recipe, good or bad. It’s great to do with kids also. It gives you an appreciation of what goes into your food and also show you how easy it can be to make something quick and easy.

Alcohol - More often than not there is a large emphasis on drinking over the Christmas period. If you can avoid it totally then well done but people generally like to relax and have a drink. That’s ok in moderation but over Christmas it’s more common than not to find yourself having one or more drinks every day during social family or friend catch ups.

Don’t slip into unintended boozy days of drinking. On average there is 200kcal in a pint of larger and 170kcal to a medium glass of wine depending on alcoholic content. These can all add up.

         •       Exercise your will power - You can say no! I’m putting it out there but it is possible, whether it’s a trip to the pub, or a shot of tequila or to a round you’ve fallen behind and don’t need. Skip the round or leave early. Things can escalate quickly and its normally when you’re not expecting it.

         •       Stay hydrated. By keeping hydrated (with water) is the best way to remain full (limiting the pace of drinking more), reduce the chance of dehydration and ultimately help you recover faster.

         •       Be aware of what your drinking and how much. I’m not saying you have to count drinks or calories - but you can if you want to. Over drinking usually happens when you aren’t conscious of how much your drinking - it will accumulate quickly. Give yourself a limit or a cut off time when you want to roughly stop drinking. As alcohol will affect how you sleep.

         •       Try the more sensible choices. For example: try not to mix drinks, having a slim line or juice option instead of calorie rich options and eat before going out for a drink.


If you manage to implement a few of these suggestions then you will be doing well to maintain or keep smashing your target. Unfortunately it does take conscious effort, thought and planning but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. You deserve to have it all. 

Have a very Merry Christmas and let’s start the New Year with a bang!



With the right mindset and variety of workouts, winter can actually be a fantastic time to change it up, get creative and reignite your love of fitness by trying new, fun activities or challenges. Not to mention, exercise can help you beat the winter blues - we all get !!! 


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