Small Group Personal Training

Our progressive Small Group Personal Training gets fantastic results. It's the best of both worlds; high quality coaching and encouragement from like-minded people.

Small means small; no group is bigger than six

With small group training you receive high quality coaching, a tailored approach to ensure that you hit your goals alongside a fun, encouraging and motivating group environment. 

There is a focus on the individual; their goals and individual attention while also being part of a group to celebrate achievements, work alongside and laugh with. 


Best of Both Worlds

For people who like the idea of personal training - you get lots of the same benefits but share the session with like-minded people which not only brings the cost down but for many adds to the enjoyment of the session. 

We have flexible session times six days per week to ensure that regardless of your lifestyle, we can help you to establish a fitness routine that fits around your schedule. 

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